Made With Paper

I have rarely seen a press release that's this close to what I actually said! Impressive!


And these drawings, drawn on Made With Paper by Fifty three... Just love that app.


Shameless autopromotion

With the release of Rise of the Guardians on which I had the honor of animating Santa Claus, the french press released a few articles on the movie and on the french animators who worked on the show.

I quite like this one (sorry, but it's all in french):

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One of my best buddy, David Hubert, created the gaming side of the animation school Ianimate...
I had the privilege of designing and following the creation of the first rigged characters for Igame.
They were modeled by the most talented Gael Jacques, from Montreal.
The assignment was not to make original, but in the contrary quite generic, as the students are supposed to learn on common shapes and common types of characters...
Still, it was very fun to do, and I couldn't be happier with the result!

RedBack from iAnimate on Vimeo.



I realize it's been almost two years since I posted on this blog....
I guess it's just that the less you post, the more scary it becomes to upload anything...

Here's are two quick sketches I did recently...I guess I wasn't in a happy mood that day:)

More to come!