Here's a little movie I did with two friends for the Nikon I'm a Hero contest.
That was a lot's of fun to do!
Please, vote for us on the Nikon website...

Pierre from Hello Stranger on Vimeo.



on ne dit pas "il va vite l'animal!" mais "il est caiman rapide!"....




PS: I apologize to my english speaking visitors...but I can't translate that one:)


Oh! Gringo!

wooo wooo wooo wooo wooooooooooo  gninn gninn gninnnnnnn! :)


very bad guys...

Some more design development for a feature film.
Obviously the villains of the movie...wait........yes...yes definitely the villains.


phone numbers

if you find your phone number in there...please, forgive me, but I just can't remember who they belong to!



"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo"....

Guess what I was listening to when I did that one?



A character study I did for the feature project of a friend of mine...



Some tiny paintings I did for my childrens bedroom...It's acrylic on canvas, and that really was a lot of fun to do!
I'm considering doing some more.
I've also posted the quick photoshop sketches I generally do before actually painting for real!


Post it!

CG animation gives you the opportunity to draw a bit more for yourself than traditional animation, for several reasons...I really miss the contact with paper, so when waiting for a render, a meeting or anything else, throwing a couple of doodles on post its seems a good solution to kill time...
However, when it comes to scanning them, you wish you had surfed the web instead...
There's a lot of crappy drawings in there, but I liked the overall feeling of it....


King of the Apes

This is a drawing I did that was part of a self published book by CTN, in honor of Ronald Searles 90th birthday.
I don't know what went through my mind that day, because nothing's related to any idea of a birthday celebration!
Whatever! I think I was feeling like drawing a monkey king...

The Boogeyman

I think the title is kind of self explanatory...

it's a start!

That's it! I finally started my very own blog...
And I'm so proud of it! It just took me two weeks to understand how to make it work, but now I have a life online!

Yippi kiai!