Well, I don't know what we smoked the day we wrote the outline of this movie, but it definitely was strong stuff!
Still, we -when I say we it's my partner in crime, colleague, close friend and super talented Alexis Wanneroy and myself-  had a blast shooting and editing it...


Jean-Charles - Documentary of a time traveler from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.

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  3. Hi there ;)
    Hope u r doing well in U.S.
    Didn't know that u were also interested in acting.
    Bon boulot Pierro et les cadrages sont vraiment fins et transmettent pleins d'émotions. Bravo à Alexis que je ne connais pas. Bon je sais pas ce que vous avez fumé mais ça devait être bon. Quand tu reviendras de ton vortex temporel ;) donne des news.J'espère que tu va bien et que toute la famille aussi.La Bise

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